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"Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times. 


The Eligibility Process

We assist parents in making a formal request for special education or 504 evaluations. If a parent is looking for the school to conduct an evaluation, we ensure the proper assessments are completed. In situations where a parent has obtained an outside evaluation, we bridge the gap between the clinical and school experience.

Review of Evaluations & Plans

While IEP and 504 plans are written annually, parents can request to make adjustments at any time.  We guide parents through every section of the proposed plan, reviewing growth, goals, and accommodations. In addition, we ensure that the curriculum delivered is considered "best practice" for the child's identified disability.  Finally, we provide input regarding behavior intervention plans to ensure they will be effective in the child's learning environment.  

Navigating the System

We are here to educate parents regarding different types of service delivery models available for students.  We assist parents in comparing programs across public and private schools, to determine where their child will be successful.  It is imperative to consider the child's social/emotional well-being, academic challenges, strengths, and interests.

Attendance IEP/504 Meetings

For even the most veteran parents, IEP & 504 meetings can be overwhelming.  We bring a combination of expertise, and compassion, to an emotionally charged experience. Parents should feel as though they can digest the information shared, ask questions, provide feedback, and offer insights around their child.  We are here to ensure that process comes to fruition.